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T&P Engineering understands that each remediation project is unique. We strive to correct water problems to reduce the possibility of future mold growth. Mold needs moisture to grow, and by just abating the mold you do not resolve the potential for future mold growth. T&P corrects the situation, then performs the remediation, for the purpose of eliminating the risk of future mold problems.

T&P Engineering is fully equipped with state of the art equipment and facilities to provide mold remediation services. Our staff is fully trained and has extensive experience in mold remediation.

T&P also carries the additional insurance for mold abatement, which is not included in all environmental insurance policies.

T&P has performed recent mold abatement jobs for federal government, local government and residential homes. Clients include Maryland Procurement (federal) and Anne Arundel County, Maryland.

At T&P, we are committed in employing the latest innovative and cost efficient mold remediation techniques in order to minimize interruption to your operations, while performing all procedures in accordance with standard industry practice and procedures. Although mold is not currently a government-regulated issue like lead or asbestos, T&P still takes all steps and precautions to protect our employees as well as our clients. We look at each mold removal project as stringently as we do for lead and asbestos, and follow all HUD recommendations on mold abatement projects.

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